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It is not too Early to start making Angel Jewellery!

November 2, 2012 at 4:20 pm | bluestreak beads, Charms, jewellery making

It’s the start of November and there is ages to go until Christmas but it really isn’t too early to get cracking with some Angel Wings beaded Jewellery. You can use these heavenly beady creatures as cracker fillers or tree decorations. All you need is a pair of jewellery pliers, a few silver plated findings, some glass bell-flower beads. a few fire polished glass beads for the heads and a diamante rondelle to top off the design as a halo!

The wings are the US made Tierra Cast metal castings finished in silver plate.You can make a more upmarket and slightly sparklier version using some Swarovski Crystal beads instead of the Czech Glass, but we like the look the cute little bell flower beads give the Angels in our photo!

They make great bead decorations for a miniature Christmas Tree or make your own wired napkin Rings especially for Christmas Day with a bead angel motif.

Angel Beaded Earrings

Angel Earring Kits

Bead & Jewellery Kits for the holidays & the olympics!

July 26, 2012 at 12:44 pm | Beads, Jewellery kits, jewellery making

The countdown is over, the Olympics are here!

Here at Bluestreak Beads, excitement is brewing as the summer has finally arrived, and just in time for the highly anticipated London 2012 Olympic games! Who will win big? Who will come out on top? Who will win gold? Best of luck to the many Olympic medal hopeful from all of us in the Bluestreak Beads office!

We haven’t got any gold medals here but we do have lots of lovely gold beads to use in your jewellery designing!

It’s time to don our patriotic colours to support our incredible athletes! Why not fashion a necklace or bracelet showcasing our vibrant blues/reds/whites? Check out these hassle-free Team GB jewellery making kits that we have created using a range of vibrant beads with the British patriotic colour scheme. You can make a fun and stylish piece in a matter of minutes. We hope that they inspire you to design something fabulous! Alternatively, you can easily fashion a pair of earrings and necklace with our Swarovski teardrops or their  crystal 10mm hearts,  Use a medley of sapphire, crystal, and light siam. If you are new to jewellery making, don’t worry, as there are beautiful projects for all skill levels. Please check out our instructions showcasing basic jewellery making techniques.

Just in time for the Olympics our long wait for the sun is finally over and it’s time to don our summer wardrobes and put away our brollies! Need some beady accessories for that new sun dress? Whether you’re after something bright & bold, or simple yet elegant, we have a jewelley making kits to suit all tastes, and they are simple to  to make at home. Why not give our bright beady illusion necklace a shot if you like light colourful jewellery made with pretty beads and wire.

Now that school is out for the summer break, are you finding that your kids have too much time on their hands and in need a creative outlet? We have a huge range of easy starter projects to match your child‘s creative flair. I think our watches or bag charms would be fun projects for those with an artistic and imaginative spirit.
Happy beading!

Bead and Jewellery Stringing Wire and Threads.

June 8, 2012 at 1:07 pm | jewellery making, Stringing materials for jewellery making

Tigertail, Beadalon and Flex-rite jewellery threading wires are strong, flexible, nylon-covered wires which are used for stringing necklaces and bracelets. There are stiff enough to use without a  needle and  hold their shape. The thicker wires are ideal when threading on heavier beads and can be finished with crimps, about which more below. The more strands a wire has the more flexible it is.  So 19 strand is the more flexible than the 7 strand and slightly more expensive but gives a luxurious drape to your necklaces. I prefer to use at least 0.018″ diameter and at least 7 strands across all the jewellery wire stringing brands. Plenty of colours are available in most of the wires so they can be used to thread matching beads for floater style necklaces, where you leave the wire bare between bead stations anchored in place by crimps. A crimp is a tiny metal tube about 1.5 mm in diameter which is threaded on to the wire and then squashed closed with a pair of flat nosed jewellery making pliers or a set of crimping pliers.  Other threads such as silk and nylon sometimes incorporate a needle which is snipped off after the jewellery piece is completed, but with the stringing wires a needle is not required as the wire is stiff enough to go straight through the hole, this is particularly useful when making jewellery from pearls which have really tiny holes and often cannot be threaded with a needle and the resulting doubled up thread. We stock the most beautiful sterling silver beading wire by beadalon which is  just perfect for designs which are made entirely of silver so that they pass the assay test (important if you are selling your handmade jewellery designs). If you are making a special piece of  jewellery as a gift, and don’t want to use the basic steel wires then opt for the silver one for a lovely touch of luxury, particularly if you are using extra special beads or just one big central bead or pendant.

Beadalon sterling silver wire

Beadalon sterling silver wire

We also stock a crinkle beadalon wire, which gives a wavy effect will lend body and drama to you design to your designs. It is available in gold, silver and copper colours. It’s  perfect for a nice gently wavy floater necklace made with lightweight beads such as tiny crystals or seedbeads. Crinkle wire comes on a 15 feet per reel and .018″ diameter 7 strand with 4.5kg breaking strain.


Pictured above is a 10 foot reel of sterling silver beadalon  ogf 7 strand flexibility.

Time to get threading those beads fellow beady jewellery makers.


Beads and Jewellery Making Kits for the Jubilee!

May 31, 2012 at 9:45 am | Charms Bracelets, Jewellery kits, jewellery making

Holiday weekend approaches, the flags are flying, and we have done our beady best to join in by designing some pretty jewellery making kits in red, white and blue for the royal occasion!  The leather wristband is available with either a red heart bead or a nice “royal”  blue pandora bead. It is so simple to make, only a small pair of flat or chain nose pliers is needed to close  the leather thong clamps. The whole thing can be finished in under 5 minutes. We’ve got some nifty bead bracelets too made on stretch magic elastic so no tools at all are required for these. We have used lovely cut glass sparkly beads for them mixed with a few feature beads, other beads used include, miyuki cubes, Foiled glass hearts and sparkling stardust beads.  The  necklace making  kits have options with a swinging tassel pendant or a regal crown charm, you can also make a patriotic stretch bracelet with three charms.  If you want a new hobby for the bank holiday weekend, you could give jewellery making a go with our pretty and patriotic kits.

Leather Wristband with Pandora style bead


Necklace Kit with Stretch charm bracelet kit

Beads for Tiara Making

February 2, 2011 at 10:07 am | Beads, jewellery making

February is the busiest time of year for Tiara makers with all those Spring weddings coming along.

Simple beaded Tiara Band

Simple beaded Tiara Band

It’s easiest to start learning about Tiara making by starting with a simple beaded Alice band like the one shown on the left. You will need a few Swarovski Crystals, some wire (26 guage is easiest to use) and a headband.

We sell a Tiara making kit which includes all these plus illustrated instructions.

August 20, 2010 at 5:27 pm | Jewellery kits, jewellery making

If you are one of our many  jewellery making customers who sells at craft fairs you are probably geeting stock ready for the bank holiday weekend. I know that you are swimming with amazing ideas for beaded jewellery but I always find it useful to see what other makers are creating. Maybe some of our jewellery making kits can inspire you to make up something different for your stall next weekend.

Big Pearl Bead Necklace

Big Pearl Bead Necklace

This necklace kit  uses thonging which means that you can tie it off and fasten it at any length!

Simple Big beads and pendants on thong always sell well thanks to their price points. If you are having a sale over the weekend then I hope you have a really good one.


Plaited Leather Thong for Bead Wristbands

June 26, 2010 at 7:31 am | jewellery making

New in…….plaited leather thong for wristbands!

Leather wristband with beads

Leather wristband with beads

Three strand best quality greek leather braid which is perfect for beaded wristbands like the example shown here.  This was made as a sample by Susie who picks lots of your orders. The beads she used are the frosted acrylics and some pandora style beads. She finished the braid neatly with thong clamps.

Try our thong clamp pliers for the best finish!

Summer Bead Floater Necklace

June 17, 2010 at 8:48 pm | Beads, Jewellery kits, jewellery making

Try making this pretty floater necklace using our new wooden beads and shell discs.

Floaty Summer Bead Necklace

Floaty Summer Bead Necklace

The shell beads are available in peachy and purple tones which blend really well with the satin finish of the wood, add a few spacers and miyuki cubes and you have a simple jewellery making project for the weekend.

To make your piece of jewellery use beadalon thread and crimps to fix each bead in place.

Finish with a lobster clasp and extender chain.

Make a Kilt Pin with all your odd beads & findings

June 5, 2010 at 7:26 am | Jewellery kits, jewellery making

Here is a neat way to use up all your bead odds and ends.  Make a pretty beaded  kilt pin! You can mix and match your beads as long as you do it with style.

Bluestreak-Kilt-3We made one using some of our huge collection of beads witha pretty bohemian feel. It looked good pinned on a fabric bag or try it on a denim jacket.
We used large trace chain which you can buy by the metre and mixed in glass and crystal beads with a few cloissonne ones and some filigree stampings.
There is a shell heart bead in there too and even a little seahorse pendant.
I’ll put this on as a kit very soon.

Back in Stock ~ Shell beads

March 16, 2010 at 11:21 am | Beads, jewellery making

Just back in stock in lovely new shades are our popular shell disc beads. They come in 20mm and 11mm sizes.

Dyed Shell disc Beads

Dyed Shell disc Beads

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